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High CBD Hemp Wellness & Marijuana Doctor Referral

Tampa Hemp Care services consist of offering all organic USDA lab tested products with COA. We focus on providing high CBD Hemp for wellness, and Doctor referrals.

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Choose Your Hemp CBD Lifestyle

Choose a hemp lifestyle that best fits your needs to take care of all your concerns on a monthly basis. Never run out of product with our subscription service. Have products readily available for use as you need it. You’ll only receive the best Hemp-Derived CBD products guaranteed, routinely shipped discreetly to your door on-time for your complete satisfaction.

TAMPA HEMP CARE PLANS COMING SOON 2020 Example of Monthly Plans

Beginner Hemp CBD Experience

/ month

7 Gram(s) Smokeable Flower

1 Gram(s) Isolate

3 Pack(s) Edibles

10ml Oil (300 milligrams)

1 Full Spectrum Balm Cream

Standard Hemp CBD Experience

/ month

1 Ounce(s) Smokeable Flower

2 Gram(s) Isolate

7 Pack(s) Edibles

20ml Oil (600 milligrams)

2 Full Spectrum Balm Cream

Complete Hemp CBD Experience

/ month

2 Ounce(s) Smokeable Flower

3 Gram(s) Isolate

12 Pack(s) Edibles

40ml Oil (1200 milligrams)

3 Full Spectrum Balm Cream