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Tampa Bay Hemp Company with the Best High Quality Hemp CBD Products #1.

No Doctor Required

Hemp CBD is legal and available in easy to use forms like flowers, oils and creams.

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Tampa Hemp Care, Tampa Bay, Florida

Welcome to Tampa Hemp CareThe Bay's Leading Hemp CBD Company since 2014

Tampa Hemp Care is proud to have available the best hemp-derived cbd and delta 8 thc products in the Tampa Bay area.

CBD – Hemp – OIL – Cannabis – Sativa – Spectrum – NO THC
CBD Wholesale – High CBD – Isolate – Distillate – Oil – Flower

Legal hemp derived cannabinoid Products include CBN, CBD, CBG, CBC, THCv, D8, Delta 8 THC.

With consumers continually using these new health products on a daily basis, its important we offer a superior product that can deliver optimum results every time. Our customers know our products are effective when feeling great results, and some notice a difference after just the first routine of use. Nobody truly knows how cannabinoid deficient they are, and so taking CBD hemp for an improved lifestyle can be a life changer.

All our CBD hemp and Delta 8 products available for purchase on shelves and online, are guaranteed high quality and lab tested certified legal, with no Doctor Recommendation required. We have COA’s available for legal confirmation of our products which contain No-THC or under the legal limit 0.3% THC.

Tampa Hemp Care

CBD Wholesale - High CBD - Isolate - Distillate - Oil - Flower - CBD - HEMP - OIL - Cannabis - Sativa - Spectrum - NO THC PRODUCTS - NOW INCLUDING DELTA 8 THC

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Tampa Hemp Care Hemp CBD + Delta 8 THC

Our CBD hemp extracts, oils, and Delta8 products are all premium high-grade and made from USDA certified organic hemp. Plus carefully crafted, tested, certified legal, with detections of no-thc or less then 0.3% Delta9-THC.

Concentrates, Tinctures, Oils, Creams & Patches

Balms, Creams, Fragrances, Oils, Lotions, Salves, Topicals

Edibles / Gummies

Delicious ways to deliver hemp cbd or delta 8 to your body, made with only the finest ingredients. Ingestion Products Currently Unavailable Until Further Notice.

Flowers Smokeable

Flowers and smokeable products, herbs grown and cared for by expert Hemp CBD professionals.


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CBD Hemp Products with High CBDNow Including Delta 8 THC

The future is coming fast, times are changing, don’t miss out on learning about new-age legal cannabis treatments with and hemp-derived cbd and delta8thc for wellness.

Certified Lab Tested

All our CBD Products available contain CBD that was grown to high standards, with lab test reports showing legitimate cannabinoid levels that are acceptably legal across the United States.


Products made with Delta 8 THC, and Hemp CBD or CBG (without any THC effects), are both legal to buy and safe for consumption. As with anything, use responsibly and in moderation.


Choose from our line of Tampa Hemp products, get the effective balanced relief you really need. We guarantee you'll enjoy using our finest high CBD hemp and Delta8 product remedies.


Tampa Hemp Care products do not require a Doctor recommendation.

Enjoy the best CBD Hemp and Delta products without the need for Doctor visits.


Why Сhoose our Tampa Bay Hemp Company for CBD or Delta8THC

CBD Hemp users want the best products at the most affordable price. Our Tampa Bay Hemp Company, Tampa Hemp Care, is proud to offer some of the best high quality sativa hemp CBD and Delta 8 THC in Florida and the United States.

Lots of Compassion Care & Love

We take helping others seriously, our team wakes up every morning eager to share lots of compassion care and love along the way to providing customers with some of he best hemp and cbd.

Natural Remedy - Unadulterated

Only pure hemp CBD, all natural from the best cannabis sativa hemp plants legal with no-THC or less than 0.03% and grown to perfection for the best smokeable flowers and extracts.

Expert Growers & Genetics

To produce the best products, a commitment is made to only using the best genetic hemp cbd cultivars grown by cannabis experts and professionals.

High Quality Guaranteed

Commitment to guaranteeing high quality products and service, with no room for letting customer expectations down.

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